The latest online property valuation software gives you the most accurate results – which is why we only use them to value your home.

We invest heavily in ensuring the advice we give you is accurate and useful and for these reasons it is important that when we value your home it is done with the latest technology.

We use 3 main property valuation techniques to assess your homes valuation.

Learn more about how they work below. We have premium accounts with such providers so make sure before you choose your property agent you check if they use the latest valuation methods to help list your home.

Getting the wrong valuation can mean you either sell your home for less than the valuation or have it sitting on the market for years due to it being prices incorrectly. use the latest historic sold prices in local areas to predict a property’s value. Because they are not using listing prices it can be more accurate in determining a property valuation as it uses ‘real sold prices’

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RightMove uses their listings of millions of properties to see how much homes are currently on the market for. This helps them assess what your home is possible worth based on what other vendors are asking for theirs.

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HomeTrack is the largest mortgage valuation database.They work by looking at how much mortgage companies value homes in the local area. This is very useful if you’re looking to secure a mortgage on your purchase.

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